Thursday, February 19, 2015

Twisted Candy

I am very excited about the work I have completed on my novella, Twisted Candy.  I can't wait to share it with you.  Here's a teaser:

Her sweaty fingers wrapped around the edge of the smooth stone.  Time stood still.  The only sounds were the rustling leaves and a bird chirping overhead.  A light touch skimmed across her fingers causing the breath to catch in her throat.  Country boy stepped around the stone, heat from his body told her he is mere inches away.
Candy took a deep breath, smelling hay mixed with horse, mixed with man before opening her eyes.  Country boy might be nineteen.  A scar swept across his right brow.  His green eyes were flecked with gold.  Although he squinted against the brightness of the sun, he didn’t have deep, grooved lines around his eyes.  Full, kissable lips stretched into a wicked grin.  Standing several inches taller than her, he had broad shoulders with muscles bulging from everywhere under a soft looking, blue t-shirt wet with sweat down the center of his chest. 
Hooking the fingers of her loose hand into his belt loop, she drew him closer.  His eyelids grew heavy as he leaned towards her parted lips.

“Do you treat all the boys you meet this way?” his voice a mere rasp.

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